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Well ... I'm sorry to say ... we laid our sweet sweet baby girl to rest last night. The Vet said she had internal bleeding and she was starting to jaundice in her eyes as well. She was in no pain (Thank GOD) and wasnt suffering ... just extremely weak and barely hanging on. It was by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make, especially since she was my very first dog as adult :( But she will never be forgotten!! I wish anyone who.was afraid of pit bulls could have met her. She changed A LOT of peoples perceptions, and for that I am grateful.
R.I.P. Izabel "Bella" White 07/23/02 ~ 11/14/13</p>

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I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Bella :(

Oh! I'm so sorry. Poor baby.

I'm very sorry for your loss, sweetie <3
My thoughts are with you!

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