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It's official ...

I have become the "grumpy old lady who hates Christmas" Lmao!!
Seriously,  I think it's partly because of our living situation & the fact that we have no kids yet.

But MY LORD ... I just wish it was January already.

As our parents get older,  they circle back around to acting like children.  And not normal children ... spoiled rotten brats LOL. If I ever get to that point, PLEASE someone put me out of my misery?
That is all for now. Hope the rest of you are having fun getting ready for the holiday season. If you need me I'll be in the corner, sulking into my vodka errr, I mean egg nog ;-)

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Lol I chuckled out loud reading this, sorry lol.

I have my bah humbug moments but this year I have been total geeky christmas lady haha.

LMAO! I hate being the grumpy lady ... but I think the saying is true, that when you're surrounded by negativity, you become negative as well.

Unfortunately,  the negativity comes from the family ... so ill never be completely rid of it ... but hopefully soon the amount I have to subject myself to will be a lot smaller lol

yeah being grumpy kinda sucks. It is hard to have a positive outlook when you are surrounded by it though and it is so easy to let it bleed over to yourself. ugh family! I am hopeful that soon it will be smaller for you too hon.

If you want a few chuckles, head over to youtube and search for Jeanne Robertson, I spent over an hour last night watching her videos over there and cracking up! She is full of clean fun funnies lol. I especially loved the humorous stories she told about her husband who she calls Left Brain lol.

I'm going to join you in that corner, if that's cool. I'm not digging holidays so much anymore. I used to, but now... nope.

C'mon over!! There plenty of room!! Haha ... I really DO love Christmas,  but for some reason, the past few years have been Uber stressful (gosh, I wonder why?? *ahem* sister-in-law *ahem*)
I think once Ryan and I have our own home, I'll go back to being my normal self.  At least I hope! :-)

Oh yeah, I've been riding the "I don't like Christmas" train for a while now. I'm feeling a bit better about it today - we actually put our tree up yesterday. I liked it better before I worked two jobs and actually had some time off for the holiday. Now? It's just another work day.

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