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CAN I just say ... my father-in-law has been a real COCKSUCKER lately??? Sorry for the potty mouth ... but just, WOW. The things that come out of that man's mouth never cease to amaze me. I understand that couples who have been married/together for long periods of time get on each others nerves, etc.

But you know what? Ryan and I have been together for 20 years, and in the past week,  I bet that I have heard him say *AT LEAST* 25-30 things to Ryans mom that I would NEVER say to ryan, nor would he ever say to me!!!

Let's see, he has called her a stupid bitch, a fatass (she weighs a whopping 120 soaking wet), a cunt, a lazy whore ... and that just the name-calling!!!
Let's not forget about other things like purposely leaving an empty soda can in the sink & saying directly to ME "There ... that'll give her something to bitch about"

Whaaaaaa?!?!?! I know he's family, but I have just had it with listening to his bullshit. I feel so bad for Ryans mom.

Here we are, thinking about how we can find a duplex to buy so that we can be close to them, while still having our privacy. If he keeps acting like this ... I don't think I even want to be next door to him. I feel like I'm 16 listening to my parents argue. It's ridiculous. And Ryan wonders why I don't want to get pregnant while we are still living here. At first,  I felt selfish saying that ... but I'm sorry ... I will *NOT* subject my child to that!! Not to mention how stressful it is on me! I can only imagine how that would effect me if I was pregnant & had hormones going crazy anyway.

Sorry for the rant, but I am still in shock. It just seems to get worse every day. I'm kind of afraid they may kill each other one day. Lord knows,  if Ryan EVER spoke to me that way, I would tell him exactly where he could go. SMH.

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I... wow.... what a douche.... Sorry hon. That sounds like such a stressful unhappy spot to be in having to listen to his crap.

I don't think that's selfish at all! It sounds like a toxic environment for you anyway, and it would just be worse if you were pregnant. :( What a mess!

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