Hey there everyone ... hope you all are having a better start to your New Year than I am LOL.

So many things to catch up on, I don't know where to start. I really want to go into detail (just so I can get this out) but I honestly don't know where to start.

The "good" news, so far anyway, is that my sister-in-law is FINALLY divorcing the douchebag. HOWEVER,  it has come with not only anticipated stress ... but legal issues,  family issues, health issues, and basically anything else you can think of. The past 2 weeks have been nothing but late night wake up calls, trips to the police station,  trips to the doctor, and just bullshit in general.  We all knew this was coming ... but somehow, she is still a little surprised at the lengths he has gone to to make her life hell. (Obviously the rest of us .. not surprised at all)

But, here's the thing ... something is fishy tonight. She has a restraining order against him ... but she asked her mom for her wedding ring tonight, saying she may be able to sell it tomorrow. There are a few other fishy things,  but for legals reasons, I won't post them here.
Call it intuition ... but I think something is going on that shouldn't be. I really think she's not bluffing about the divorce because she moved all her stuff here today (*sarcastic smile*) .... and after all, he did threaten to kill her (hence the order of protection).

*HEAVY SIGH* ugh!!! I just don't know. I hope she proves me wrong. All I know is that her moving back here is NOT going to work for very long. She got a new puppy, so now we are back to 5 dogs ... and my poor Ramey has cancer, yet is basically forced to stay in the basement with me because her stupid dog starts fights with him ... even tho he is about 30 pounds, and Ramey is damn near 70 lol.

All I know is that the last few days have been nothing but chaos and arguments. Ryan & I are DEF looking for a way to get out of here, but I'm not working and since it's winter, he doesn't always get 40 hours because of the cold days with bad windchills, etc.

I hate to say it ... but I can already see this tearing the family apart,  because everyone is arguing and it's accomplishing nothing other than splitting the family in two.

Please LORD, give me the strength to keep my sanity for a few more months!!!!

Anyway... I miss you guys! I hope you are all happy & content. If you can, send some good vibes my way ... I sure could use them ;-) ♡♡♡


I'm asking everyone I know to muster up any good juju they can spare. I took my dog outside & noticed that he was peeing blood :( He is acting total normal, eating okay ... Although he did throw up some dog food, but that happens on occasion if he gets into my in-laws dogs food, as they eat a different kind.

I did a little net surfing because I thought it may be kidney stones ... and while that is certainly a possibility, I won't know for sure until I can get him to the vet tomorrow.
It just make some SUPER nervous because, if any of you remember, last year around this time,  we had to put down our female. I can't remember the exact medical terminology ... but basically her red blood cells weren't carrying enough oxygen to her body, so she would get short of breath if she moved too much and basically collapse. At the very end, she was also peeing blood & my vet said that meant she had some internal bleeding.
My only positive thought at this moment is that Ramey is not showing any of the symptoms that Bella was ... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed & praying this is something that can be fixed with medication.
We are pretty broke with the holidays coming up & the fact that my job has ended.

I just hope he isn't in any pain :(


CAN I just say ... my father-in-law has been a real COCKSUCKER lately??? Sorry for the potty mouth ... but just, WOW. The things that come out of that man's mouth never cease to amaze me. I understand that couples who have been married/together for long periods of time get on each others nerves, etc.

But you know what? Ryan and I have been together for 20 years, and in the past week,  I bet that I have heard him say *AT LEAST* 25-30 things to Ryans mom that I would NEVER say to ryan, nor would he ever say to me!!!

Let's see, he has called her a stupid bitch, a fatass (she weighs a whopping 120 soaking wet), a cunt, a lazy whore ... and that just the name-calling!!!
Let's not forget about other things like purposely leaving an empty soda can in the sink & saying directly to ME "There ... that'll give her something to bitch about"

Whaaaaaa?!?!?! I know he's family, but I have just had it with listening to his bullshit. I feel so bad for Ryans mom.

Here we are, thinking about how we can find a duplex to buy so that we can be close to them, while still having our privacy. If he keeps acting like this ... I don't think I even want to be next door to him. I feel like I'm 16 listening to my parents argue. It's ridiculous. And Ryan wonders why I don't want to get pregnant while we are still living here. At first,  I felt selfish saying that ... but I'm sorry ... I will *NOT* subject my child to that!! Not to mention how stressful it is on me! I can only imagine how that would effect me if I was pregnant & had hormones going crazy anyway.

Sorry for the rant, but I am still in shock. It just seems to get worse every day. I'm kind of afraid they may kill each other one day. Lord knows,  if Ryan EVER spoke to me that way, I would tell him exactly where he could go. SMH.

It's official ...

I have become the "grumpy old lady who hates Christmas" Lmao!!
Seriously,  I think it's partly because of our living situation & the fact that we have no kids yet.

But MY LORD ... I just wish it was January already.

As our parents get older,  they circle back around to acting like children.  And not normal children ... spoiled rotten brats LOL. If I ever get to that point, PLEASE someone put me out of my misery?
That is all for now. Hope the rest of you are having fun getting ready for the holiday season. If you need me I'll be in the corner, sulking into my vodka errr, I mean egg nog ;-)

Wow!!! It's been waaaaaaay too long!

I was just perusing through my LJ app ... and I can't believe I've been gone for so long!  This past year has been insane crazy.

Surgery went well, although I'm still having pain (which could just be arthritis in my joint). It was honestly harder than I anticipated. My boss (now EX-boss) was a total Asshole. He actually tried calling my Dr AND my physical therapist and getting my medical info from them!! Ummm, hello?!? Illegal much jackass? So, I basically just never went back after he pulled that stunt.
So this past summer I worked from home for a friend who owns a roofing business.  We had a HUGE series of hailstorms & he couldn't keep up with his paperwork & answering the phone... which is where I came in lol. It worked out well since I was able to take my mother in law to her appointments, etc. As long as I was checking messages regularly. PLUS, I got to make some extra money!
Ryan is now a foremen,  which comes with some Perks ... but also extra stress :( But things are looking up now that his boss sees what a valuable asset he is.

The home front is pretty much crazy/hectic/chaos as usual, although the sis in law & her douchebag hubby bought a house & remodeled it.
BUT, their drama hasn't changed ONE BIT, & has now escalated to the point that she had him arrested for domestic abuse. AAAAAAND once again, she took him back and they pretend like they have the perfect little marriage. Oh well ... I have stopped caring at this point, I really have. They are out of our house & frankly I have my own stuff to deal with. (But yeah ... just like old times, guess who got the "phonecall" when he pushed her down? ME!!! Good Lord why? UGH)

Anyway,  last thanksgiving I actually had mono AND a Vitamin D deficiency!  Talk about a rough couple of months! I can't tell you how awful that was. I hope to never go thru that again.

We are looking at buying a house in the spring ...Although my "full-time" job will still be looking after Ryans parents. They have both declined in their health & I don't see either one of them being able to drive for too much longer. (Ryans mom doesn't drive now, but had some hand controls put on her car so she can possibly drive again ... but it's really up in the air since she fell & broke her arm & had to have a plate put in!)

WHEW! So I guess that's the short version LMAO!
**OH YEAH! I almost forgot!  The guy I'm working for, says that his step-mom owns an art gallery downtown Chicago. He told her about my scratch boards & said I should bring some in & she would hang them!!! Yikes!! Now I just need to get to work ;-) Now that the weather is cold, obviously the roofing business is over for a while. So starting next week, I should be able to spend my days working on art, writing, etc. & I couldn't be more excited!

Drop me a line & let me know how you all have been!! I have missed you!  XOXO

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I was so excited to finally find this pic of my dear sweet Bella! I swear i didnt pose her like this  ... she sat all on her own lol.
It just epitomizes all the personality she had! I just HAD to share ;-) I miss her sooo ... but pics like these help me to remember what a wonderful inspiration she was to everyone she met!


Well ... I'm sorry to say ... we laid our sweet sweet baby girl to rest last night. The Vet said she had internal bleeding and she was starting to jaundice in her eyes as well. She was in no pain (Thank GOD) and wasnt suffering ... just extremely weak and barely hanging on. It was by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make, especially since she was my very first dog as adult :( But she will never be forgotten!! I wish anyone who.was afraid of pit bulls could have met her. She changed A LOT of peoples perceptions, and for that I am grateful.
R.I.P. Izabel "Bella" White 07/23/02 ~ 11/14/13</p>