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Wow!!! It's been waaaaaaay too long!

I was just perusing through my LJ app ... and I can't believe I've been gone for so long!  This past year has been insane crazy.

Surgery went well, although I'm still having pain (which could just be arthritis in my joint). It was honestly harder than I anticipated. My boss (now EX-boss) was a total Asshole. He actually tried calling my Dr AND my physical therapist and getting my medical info from them!! Ummm, hello?!? Illegal much jackass? So, I basically just never went back after he pulled that stunt.
So this past summer I worked from home for a friend who owns a roofing business.  We had a HUGE series of hailstorms & he couldn't keep up with his paperwork & answering the phone... which is where I came in lol. It worked out well since I was able to take my mother in law to her appointments, etc. As long as I was checking messages regularly. PLUS, I got to make some extra money!
Ryan is now a foremen,  which comes with some Perks ... but also extra stress :( But things are looking up now that his boss sees what a valuable asset he is.

The home front is pretty much crazy/hectic/chaos as usual, although the sis in law & her douchebag hubby bought a house & remodeled it.
BUT, their drama hasn't changed ONE BIT, & has now escalated to the point that she had him arrested for domestic abuse. AAAAAAND once again, she took him back and they pretend like they have the perfect little marriage. Oh well ... I have stopped caring at this point, I really have. They are out of our house & frankly I have my own stuff to deal with. (But yeah ... just like old times, guess who got the "phonecall" when he pushed her down? ME!!! Good Lord why? UGH)

Anyway,  last thanksgiving I actually had mono AND a Vitamin D deficiency!  Talk about a rough couple of months! I can't tell you how awful that was. I hope to never go thru that again.

We are looking at buying a house in the spring ...Although my "full-time" job will still be looking after Ryans parents. They have both declined in their health & I don't see either one of them being able to drive for too much longer. (Ryans mom doesn't drive now, but had some hand controls put on her car so she can possibly drive again ... but it's really up in the air since she fell & broke her arm & had to have a plate put in!)

WHEW! So I guess that's the short version LMAO!
**OH YEAH! I almost forgot!  The guy I'm working for, says that his step-mom owns an art gallery downtown Chicago. He told her about my scratch boards & said I should bring some in & she would hang them!!! Yikes!! Now I just need to get to work ;-) Now that the weather is cold, obviously the roofing business is over for a while. So starting next week, I should be able to spend my days working on art, writing, etc. & I couldn't be more excited!

Drop me a line & let me know how you all have been!! I have missed you!  XOXO

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OMG I'm so happy to see you here!!! ((((smooshy hugs)))) I have missed you tons! I've been meaning to friend you on FB for a while - is that cool with you? I actually thought we were already friends there but evidently not. O_o

That was a definite jerk move on the part of your ex-boss, but I'm so glad that the roofing work came around when you needed it!

Very cool about the gallery! Boo to mono and Vitamin D deficiency - that's a double-whammy of ick!

xoxoxo I have missed you terribly!

Hi SWEETHEART!!!! YES, I have missed you too!!

And absolutely you can friend me on FB!!
I am really hoping to have lots of free time this winter, so I can catch up with all of you!!

You know my life is filled with drama (as I suppose everyone's is lol) but I was thinking about how much I have missed LJ! I promise I'm going to be around more now ... so you are all stuck with me HAHA!

Yay!!! I just sent you a FB friend request! *tacklehugs*

Hahaha, yeah, drama is a staple in my life, I know. I don't quite know how to act when things are calm O_o I'm very happy to be stuck with you though! I'm missed you TONS!!! <3

Heyyyyyyy! Glad to hear an update from you :)

Sorry about the job and drama continuing but yay for them at least being out of the house now!

Congrats to the Mr. on the foreman position!

That sounds awesome about them hanging some of your scratchboards, those things are amazing!

Hello doll!!! So happy to hear from you too! I have missed my girls something terribly :-)

I hope to be around a lot more, over the winter ... I will need some opinions on my art projects, if you all are up to that ! *SMISHES* XO

And we have missed youuuu too!!!

Oh yes, would love to see what you have been working on, always up to view lovlies!!!

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