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I'm asking everyone I know to muster up any good juju they can spare. I took my dog outside & noticed that he was peeing blood :( He is acting total normal, eating okay ... Although he did throw up some dog food, but that happens on occasion if he gets into my in-laws dogs food, as they eat a different kind.

I did a little net surfing because I thought it may be kidney stones ... and while that is certainly a possibility, I won't know for sure until I can get him to the vet tomorrow.
It just make some SUPER nervous because, if any of you remember, last year around this time,  we had to put down our female. I can't remember the exact medical terminology ... but basically her red blood cells weren't carrying enough oxygen to her body, so she would get short of breath if she moved too much and basically collapse. At the very end, she was also peeing blood & my vet said that meant she had some internal bleeding.
My only positive thought at this moment is that Ramey is not showing any of the symptoms that Bella was ... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed & praying this is something that can be fixed with medication.
We are pretty broke with the holidays coming up & the fact that my job has ended.

I just hope he isn't in any pain :(

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Sending prayers your way for him. poor baby, I hope it is nothing serious. Keep us updated when you find out something.

So many good thoughts and lots of love for the pupper and for you! <3 <3 <3

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